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Rashid brings Molloy to the reading room at the penthouse and gives him Claudia's diaries to read while Louis rests. 

Claudia details her transformation into a vampire by Lestat's hand. She begins to ask questions about her new life and discovers that she and Louis can communicate telepathically. 

They take Claudia to her first kill, but she runs off from the intended mark and kills a cop instead. She continues to kill that night, claiming her hunger. 

Eventually, they upgrade Claudia to her own casket, so she no longer has to sleep with Louis. She begins writing her journal more and more and sees Lestat sneak into Louis's casket one night. 

While out on the bayou with Louis, Claudia inquires about what it's like for two men to be in love. And Louis warns her about the consequences of vampirism. 

Years pass, with Claudia getting older and the family celebrating her 17th birthday. 

Florence passes, and at the wake, Grace and Levy inquire about buying the house off Louis in installments. 

Lestat takes Claudia to lover's lane for a kill, and later, Claudia sheds her childlike clothing in favor of a more grownup look. She takes to the streets of New Orleans and almost kills before meeting Charlie, a carriage driver. 

The two eventually go out for ice cream and make out before Claudia accidentally kills him. She takes him home and asks Lestat to turn him, but being already dead, it's too late. He then makes her watch him burn, reminding her not to get close to mortals as they will all die. 

Interview with the Vampire
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Interview with the Vampire Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Claudia: So, I'm supposed to kill him?
Louis: You don't have to. There's always the birds and the beasts.
Lestat: Or you can endeavor on an experience that feels like eating syrup while writing in the wind.

Claudia: We're a family.
Louis: Yeah. With no secrets.