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Louis continues to recount to Molloy that he and Claudia planned to kill Lestat, as the three vampires lived together, trapped in hatred. With the increased scrutiny on them, Lestat proclaims it's time to leave New Orleans. 

Claudia starts to formulate a plan for killing Lestat but doesn't tell Louis, fearing Lestat will find out. 

Later, Claudia claims she wants to make peace with Lestat and tells him and Louis they should throw a lavish party before leaving the city. They decide to throw a ball on Mardi Gras and appeal to Anderson to make Lestat the king of Mardi Gras in exchange for a new boat. 

The vampires decide to starve themselves for three days before the party. Then they will invite people back to the house to drain them. It is then Claudia will fill one with poison, which will then kill Lestat when he drains them. 

At the ball, the vampires pick their victims. And later, Louis and Lestat dance and kiss in front of all the guests. Louis then tries to back out of the plan, but Claudia tells him she has already plied a man with the poison. 

At the house, Lestat tells the select few victims a story about an elixir that will grant them the gift of eternal youth. But once it's revealed to be a lie, they attack. 

Louis and Lestat make sure to leave the poisoned guest for Lestat. But it's revealed that Antoinette, now a vampire, had followed Claudia and knew of her plan. She also knew which man was poisoned. 

However, Claudia lied to Louis about which partygoer she poisoned, and it's revealed it was Anderson, whom Lestat had drained. Claudia then kills Antoinette, and Lestat begins to die before Louis slits his throat. 

Louis and Claudia dispose of the bodies but leave Lestat on the curb to be thrown out with the trash instead of burning him. 

Back in Dubai, Molloy wonders why in her later journals, Claudia hated Louis. And he calls out Louis for being unable to kill Lestat. 

It's then revealed that Rashid is a vampire with the cloud gift, and his name is Armand. 


Interview with the Vampire
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Interview with the Vampire Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Louis: Do you know the secret to immortality?
Anderson: Never get married.
Louis: That’s a good joke. But now that you have your boat, don’t you want more?

Claudia: Bach. Always back to Bach.
Lestat: Bach is beyond you.
Claudia: Yes, the music of a master racist is not made for these mongrel ears.
Lestat: You irritate me. Your very presence irritates me.