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Jade takes control of the Barony after Ryder's death.

Sunny and Bajie come across a new camp, run by Bajie's old friend Nos.

Sunny and Bajie offer to trade Silver Moon's sword for passage into the badlands. Nos agrees.

Quinn sees Ryder's ghost everywhere he looks on his way back to his camp.

Waldo suggests an alliance with the other barons, advising The Widow to kill Quinn to gain their favor.

M.K. escapes from the monastery, beginning his search for his mother.

He comes upon a tree filled with young boys hung from it's branches.

Nos tells Sunny about Quinn killing Ryder. Sunny is shocked.

Quinn tumor causes him to see the ghost of Ryder, and he has a conversation about Veil. Ryder suggests he threaten Henry to get the truth from Veil.

Jade tells Lydia about Ryder's death at the hands of Quinn.

Quinn's second in command questions Veil, saying he knows what really happened to Edgar. He orders Veil to help Quinn get better or else.

M.K. takes the clothes from one of the dead boys and walks away into the woods.

Lydia tells Jade where Quinn is hiding, and they plan their attack.

Portia begs Sunny to kill nos, so she can escape with her daughter Amelia. Sunny refuses.

Quinn has a knife to Henry's throat, demanding answers from Veil. 

Veil kisses Quinn, and he gives Henry back to Veil.

Nos tells Sunny he knows Portia asked Sunny to kill him. Nos cuts Portia's face, and stabs her.

Sunny demands that he take Portia and Amelia with him. Nos refuses, and Sunny battles the mechs in a huge fight.

Sunny, Bajie, Amelia, and Portia escape the mech camp in a car.

The Widow tells Waldo she will make an alliance with Quinn.

Lydia and her crew find West Avalon, and prepare to attack Quinn.

They attempt entry, but the place is booby trapped, and a huge explosion injures Lydia and her team.

Veil uses the explosion as cover, and she escapes with Henry, running into the woods.









Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

So, the next morning I wake up completely naked, totally hung over. Worst birthday I ever had. But hey, you only turn 11 once, am I right?


As Ryder's rightful heir and only successor, all powers of this Barony fall to me.