Fight For Power - Into the Badlands
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As Quinn prepares to attack the conclave, Veil asks for access to the ventilation room for Henry's sake. Quinn Leaves Edgar to watch Veil and Henry.

The Widow meets the other Barons before the conclave begins. The Widow discusses the situation with Baron Chau.

Waldo advises The Widow to make a deal with Chau to secure her position.

MK sneaks into the mirror room to access memories of his mother. His dark side tells him he is responsible for his mother's death.

Veil gets Edgar to allow her into the ventilation room, where she locks the door and plans an escape.

Gabriel, one of Quinn's clippers, infiltrates the conclave to help Quinn and his men attack. He sends a message to Quinn that they can proceed.

Veil tries to climb out, but Edgar knocks on the door, preventing her escape for now.

At meal time. Veil spikes Edgar's drink and knocks him out, and attempts to escape again.

The Widow meets with Chau in hopes of making a deal to save her barony. Waldo urges her to compromise.

Veil tries to leave though the front, but Edgar has padlocked it. She tries to break the lock, but with no success.

Edgar wakes up, and battles Veil in a brutal fight. Veil gets the keys, but is pulled away before she can unlock the lock. Veil bashes Edgar in the head with a steel pipe, killing him. The key was broken in the lock, so Veil can't escape.

The conclave meets, and hears The widow's plea. Gabriel lets Quinn and his clipper force into the mansion.

The conclave votes, and Chau reneges on her deal with The Widow, voting to banish her.

The Widow declares war on the Barons, threatening their families. 

Quinn and his men interrupt the conclave, and a battle ensues. Ryder runs away.

Tilda arrives to help her mother and Waldo, as Chau escapes.

Quinn catches up with Ryder.

He hands Ryder a sword and begs him to kill him. Ryder won't, so Quinn turns the sword and kills Ryder.




Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Edgar: You think Sunny is still alive?
Veil: I hope so. Henry needs his father.

Let's burn this world to the ground, and start anew!