Lydia Has a Plan - Into the Badlands
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Baron Hassan is attacked by The Widow's forces. The Widow decapitates Hassan and takes his head.

Sunny and his crew arrive at the wall, and make a deal to be driven underground, back into the badlands.

The bus makes it through, but they are stopped on the other side by Baron Chau's forces and captured.

The Widow brings Hassan's head to Quinn at West Avalon. Quinn reveals the heads of Baron Broadmoor and his family, which makes The Widow very angry.

Sunny, Bajie, and M.K. are imprisoned, but Sunny has a plan to escape.

Sunny negotiates with Chau, and strikes a deal. He takes M.K. with him, leaving Bajie.

Quinn has a tense dinner with Veil and Lydia. Quinn announces he will marry Veil to make Henry his heir.

Veil refuses, and Quinn threatens to kill her unless she agrees to marry him.

Bajie uses the bookmark Sunny slipped him to escape his cell, and follows Sunny and M.K. on their journey to see The Widow.

Lydia tries to talk Veil into marrying Quinn, but she adamantly refuses. Lydia talks her into going through with it, telling her she will find a way for them all to escape.

Quinn marries Veil in a blood oath ceremony.

Sunny and M.K. arrive at The Widow's camp, and a fight ensues.

Sunny fights on the side of The Widow, because she promises to lead him to Veil and Henry.

Quinn and Veil are alone, and Quinn tries to consummate the marriage, but Lydia interrupts with word of Sunny and The Widow approaching.

Quinn leaves, and Veil is stunned to learn Sunny is alive.





Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bajie: Can you count? There are too many of them, you can't kill them all.
Sunny: I don't plan on killing anybody. All I need to do is talk.
Bajie: Hey, I'm the king of bullshit, and even I couldn't talk my way out of this.
Sunny: Your bullshit's what got us here in the first place, remember?

Baron Hassan: Please, I'll support you.
The Widow: I could have used your support at the conclave. Now I only need one thing from you, Hassan. It's your head.