Letting Go - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 7
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Danny is sent to the hospital to get his knee repaired. As he recovers, he gets a special Rand compression brace in order to speed up his recovery, but he is nowhere near healthy.

Misty goes to ask the police captain of Chinatown to help her with Davos, but he refuses and avoid the issue because Davos is getting rid of triad members. The captain sees this as a good thing, and Misty leaves, disappointed.

Ward goes to drink at a bar, upset over Joy rebuffing him. Bethany goes to confront him but he pushes her away. He gets into a fight with the bartender as Bethany leaves and encourages him to go to NA. He refuses but finally goes, overhearing Bethany say that she is pregnant with his child.

Misty goes to ask Joy about the mysterious bowl in the ritual. Joy tells her that it was from Bailey's Auction House. Misty asks Mika Prada and takes photos of a mysterious thangka that explains the ritual.

Joy goes to Davos to befriend him and get more info about the bowl. Davos decides to ask the local teenage gang to train with him and get room and board. They agree.

Colleen tries to help Danny's recovery by having him go to Bayard with him, but he's frustrated and wants to train. Colleen says that she's done with training and teaching others.

Danny and Colleen fight, and Danny sets up his own pseudo-dojo in their apartment. Colleen says that she isn't scared to train anybody, but she doesn't want to be responsible for any more deaths.

Colleen hears Danny training hard and finally goes to confront him. She has him call her "sensei" and says that if he wants to be trained, they have to cut off romantic ties. He agrees and they begin to train.

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Danny: Can you give me a warning next time?
Colleen: “May I have a warning, sensei?" No, you may not. Get up.

Just because you can't fight doesn't mean you can't help.