Dissociative Episode - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 4
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Danny is shown being knocked out by a mysterious figure in a hoodie.

We jump back to Joy and Davos confronting Walker about the photos in Danny's apartment. She refuses to budge, but Joy wants to give her a chance. Davos storms away to deal with other things.

While talking to Walker, Joy walks around her apartment, investigating her belongings. She discovers a diagnosis sheet of Walker's disassociative identity disorder. Walker then goes into a state and attacks Joy. Joy is scared and tells her that if Walker can go through with their plan, everything will be fine.

Colleen and Danny go to Mrs. Yang's to talk about the parley. They discover that Mr. Yang suffered a stroke the other day. Danny walks into the other room to find Mr. Yang lying there, comatose. He suddenly wakes up and whispers "Hancock 212" to Danny, then dies. 

Mrs. Yang rushes in after he dies and demands that Colleen and Danny leave. Danny decides to try and figure out what Mr. Yang's dying words were.

After the meeting, Misty confronts Danny and Colleen. Misty tells Danny that Hancock probably refers to the shipping company in Mr. Yang's docs. Misty demands that Danny stops his meddling with the triads, and Colleen agrees.

Davos goes to the 212 crate, revealing that there is a deceased Iron Fist inside. Davos cuts out the symbol on his chest and leaves. Defying Misty's orders, Danny rushes to the crate to find the body, Misty and Colleen not far behind.

Danny is attacked by Mary/Walker in the subway station. Danny demands that she stop attacking him, but she knocks him out and kidnaps him.

At a mysterious ceremony, Davos has a serpent drawn on his back. Danny's blood is drawn for the ritual.

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Mary: So your dad's an asshole. Brother is a pussy.
Joy: That's actually not a bad assessment.
Mary: That's what I get paid for.

It's an ancient technique they taught in K'un-Lun. It's called the Devil's Claw. It strikes the pressure points, carotid, and subclavian arteries.