Wing and Rand - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 1
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Danny and Colleen are now living together. Danny is working at a moving company, while Colleen is doing charity work.

Now that the Hand is gone, Danny goes on the streets to fight the three rival gangs in Chinatown, known as the Triad. Two of the gangs, the Hatchets and the Golden Tigers, are embroiled with a lot of the local businesses.

Colleen wants to stay away from the fighting, but Danny continues. Danny and Ward meet with Joy, who wants to leave Rand. Danny agrees to let Joy have his 51% share, while Ward angrily storms off.

Joy and Davos scheme to kill Danny, but he is oblivious. Ward is still recovering from his addiction.

Colleen investigates a mysterious family heirloom that appears at the charity center. Danny and Collen follow it to a restaurant, where they must stop a fight between the gangs. 

Davos confronts Colleen and Danny, and Davos fights Danny. Davos wants the Iron Fist, which he considers his birthright. Davos and Joy continue to scheme after Danny refuses to give up the Iron Fist.

Danny continues to consider himself the protector of New York City, while Davos wants it because he thinks that Danny betrayed K'un-L'un.

Later, Danny, goes into the subway to practice his Iron Fist abilities.

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Davos: Because when I tried to get you to return, all I saw was cowardice and a Hand whore!
Danny: You talk about Colleen that way again, I will break you.

Colleen: I kind of like that you don't know who SpongeBob is.
Danny: He's a sponge named Bob.