Murder Mystery? - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 3
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Danny and Colleen continue to receive mysterious calls from Mary. She warns Danny about a certain "Walker" who is watching him. Danny is left confused but she disappears, although not without leaving him an envelope filled with photos taken of him and Colleen.

Frustrated that Joy found out about his NA meetings, Ward goes to Danny for advice. Based on Ward's description, Danny discovers that Davos is working with Joy. They decide that they should hold out a civil dinner party in order to get everyone in the same room to talk.

Colleen reluctantly agrees. Ward decides that he will come later in order to avoid angering Joy. At the party, Ward doesn't show, and Colleen eventually breaks the ice in order to avoid the niceties.

Joy gets angry at Danny about not telling her about her father. Davos and Joy storm out angrily after Davos notices the photos that Mary gave to Danny.

Danny and Colleen receive a call from Mrs. Yang, asking them to accompany her to the parley with the Golden Tigers. They go but are almost ambushed during negotiations. Danny takes out most of the group while Colleen brings Mrs. Yang to safety.

Davos talks to Joy, revealing that they hired Walker to take photos of Colleen and Danny. They go to confront Walker, who turns out to be Mary herself. Davos demands to know why Danny has the photos, but she pulls out two large knives and combats Davos' threats.

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Lady, you've got nice legs. But bullshit walks, money talks.


Colleen: Thank you for that, Sherlock.
BB: That's a stupid-sounding name.