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Frank and Dee walk towards Dee/Dennis and Mac's apartment so that Frank and Dennis can turn it into a bathhouse. They walk in on Mac leading an "Ass Kicker's United" session, where a group of random people, and Charlie, thrust heavy kettle bell weights into the air in order to achieve the status of "master."

Dee tries to clean the "fight milk" off the coach as Dennis walks in wearing his bathrobe, with dominos and his shower kit. He asks them what happened, and when her and Frank tell him about Ass Kickers, he claims that he's the creator. He made the newsletter to get Mac to stop eating his thin mints. 

Dennis plays with them through his newsletter, and gets them to wear stickers on their foreheads and doing "hammer, bend, snap, and jerks." Dee and Frank promise not to mess with Dennis's role as the "master," but they are obviously lying. 

Frank makes Dee add that "ladies are mandatory," and make them buy "Wolf Cola." She adds that "carpentry" and "fixing the apartment" are essential to becoming bad-asses makes them buy.

Two of the women Mac and Charlie get are their moms. Mac is suspicious of the new incentive, and says he needs to take some time off. Charlie tries to remind him that he can't, according to the rules, but he leaves. When Dee leads the ass kickers gang to her apartment, its burnt down and has a hole in the wall. Dee wanted all of them to help fix it up, but Charlie lets them leave and says its "his mission."

Dennis catches Mac watching TV and eating his thin mints, and he plays mind games with him -- making him feel guilty for eating his thin mints.

Frank coaches an attractive member, "Cindy," into how to "bend and snap."

Dee talks about blackmailing Charlie and the other two male members. She makes them take what she calls a test for "guilt stressors," which impede musical development. 

Charlie confesses about eating a baby toad. 

Dax Shepard's character, Jojo, also confess about eating a toad.

Dennis storms in on the guilty stressors test with Mac, and Mac reveals that a new newsletter has ben revealed. He says that the last letter was all a test, and that only he passed and went to level two. Dennis is also level two now because he bought in.

Dee and Frank hire an actor to play the "master," and convince an intoxicated Charlie to gather the gang at Dee's apartment. 

When Dee walks in with Frank, and the apartment is now fixed. Dee says the master is in their presence, in the form of Rex, but Dennis says he got a text from the "supreme overlord master," who's Rex's own master.

He says that everyone needs to commit suicide via immolation. 

Frank, Dennis, and Dee continue to argue about who's the most "charismatic" leader. Frank actually ends up getting Tiny to eat a "shit sandwich." Dee argues that she almost convinced them that they were in an alternate dimension. Dennis claims that almost getting them to light themselves on fire makes him the winner. 

Dennis finally reveals that he just made up the "Ass Kickers."

Jojo doesn't hear any of this, and opens the door to say goodbye before he runs into a fire he started. They watch, as they try to decide what to do, and then leave.

Jojo appears to have made it to the mothership, on top of a floating turtle in outer space. 



It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

I've had a rough day! I'm at the end of my ropes! If I'm being honest.


Dennis: Frank I spoke for five minutes, there's no way I'm repeating all that.
Dee: Dennis started a cult.