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At the scene of a sky diving accident, Liv gets a call from Peyton telling her that their sorority sister, Holly, was just killed.

Major visits Babineaux to report another missing shelter kid, and he agrees to help look into the disappearances. He gives them a tip about the "Candyman" who Jerome said was dealing drugs at the skate park.

Ravi helps Liv perform Holly's autopsy, and Liv becomes determined to solve the mystery of her death. 

Liv has a vision about Holly's friend Lowell just before the jump, so she gets Babineaux to call him in for questioning. She then steals a mountain bike and goes for a dangerous joy ride through the city. 

Lowell and Holly worked for the same energy drink company that pays them to be "adventurous." He tells them to check the jump footage, but the company accidentally deleted it, which makes Babineaux suspicious. 

Babineaux interviews the suspects, and they find out that a pro-snowboarder, Carson, was sleeping with Holly. 

Liv has a vision that Carson was also likely sleeping with another one the jumpers... a guy.

The tox report comes back on Holly and it turns out she was drugged with GHB before the jump.

Liv, Peyton, and Major attend Holly's memorial at Carson's house, and Liv finds herpes medication in his drawers. She also has a vision about Carson's illegal prescription stash, and she realizes thats how the murderer got the GHB. 

At the party, Lowell reveals to Liv that he is also a zombie. His alibi is that he rushed Holly out of the plane to get her away from his zombie hunger. 

Major confides in Liv about Jerome's disappearance, and she comforts him. 

Back at the skate park, Babineaux realizes that Major's missing persons case is one of dozens, and he starts to get suspicious that something big is going on. 

Carson is accused of the murder, but he reveals that Holly was in on a company secret that his girlfriend, Eliza probably killed her over. Eliza flees before Babineaux can arrest her. 

Babineaux tells his captain about the missing persons, but he gets shut down. After he leaves, the captain pours hot sauce into his coffee, revealing himself to be a zombie. 

Major gets into a fight with one of Blaine's zombies at the skate park, and he's left broken and bleeding.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

May we never go to hell but always be on our way!


Liv: Of everyone here, who would you eat first?
Ravi: I think first I'd ask if someone could spare an apple. Or half a sandwich.