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A young librarian dies under mysterious circumstances. Liv and Ravi determine she was killed by hemlock poisoning. Liv and Clive go to visit the husband of the murdered librarian to question him about the murder. 

Liv and Clive question the victim's boss at the library and learn that the victim wasn't just a writer, but an erotic fiction writer. Liv hits on Ravi and has a hard time focusing. 

Drake goes to Liv for advice. Drake asks Liv for help getting brains so that he doesn't have to work for Blaine but Liv is hesitant, even though she is very attracted to him. 

Clive and Agent Bozzio are closing in on Blaine after connecting him to the Meat Cute murders. Bozzio tells Clive that she was able to get the GPS tracker in one of Chaos Killer's victim's dog, which is now Major's dog.

Liv and Peyton chat about boys. As Liv reads some of the book  to Peyton, she has a vision of the victim being yelled at by her husband about her outfit. The book is about a sexy flight attendant and her conquests. 

Clive and Liv head back to talk to the dead librarian's husband about the vision when they see that the victim's neighbor, she is a sexy flight attendant. 

At the morgue, Liv, Ravi and Major hang out. Clive tells Liv that he is going with Bozzio because the GPS was turned on in the dog that Major has been taking car of. 

In a panic, Major rushes out. He slams some Max Rager with incredible speed. Major gets to Minor in time and leaves him on a bus. 

They think it's the victim's jealous boss, but it isn't. Grace's husband admits to killing her. He was worried how everyone would see him if his wife published an erotic book. 

Bozzio cracks the case on Blaine. Clive questions Blaine. Peyton tells them to let Blaine go. She is giving him immunity for his help on the Mr. Boss case. 

Peyton goes to Liv about Blaine. Liv tells her everything that Blaine has done. Peyton tells Liv that she slept with Blaine and Liv comforts her. Peyton warns Liv about being careful who she sleeps with. Liv walks into her room where Drake is laying half naked in her bed. 

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