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Fresh from his grave, Blaine hops on a bus to get back home. 

Liv seeks guidance from Ravi about her personal life when she asks for advice about her Major and Gilda troubles. They have a new case involving a burnt scientist. 

At Max Rager, the CEO is hopped up on the energy drink. Major confronts him about Rita/Gilda living at Liv's. Vaughn Du Clark tells Major that she is his daughter. 

Rita shows her father her black eye from Liv. Major snickers and Vaughn gets insanely angry and Major leaves quickly. 

Blaine tells his men to bury the drugs so they can lay low because Mr. Boss thinks that Blaine is dead. 

Clive and Bozzio talk about brains being found in Blaine's Dad's cabin. They call the FBI lab and find out that the last brains they sent for testing were also human.

Liv analyzes the data around Drake and asks him to take her to the bar he frequents. 

Ravi and Liv discuss the zombie cure issue and Liv's scientist brain helps with a new approach. 

Liv and Clive continue to work on the case when Liv has a vision of Vaughn Du Clark. The victim had worked at Max Rager. They question the CEO but get nowhere so Liv goes undercover. 

Liv finds out about the basement at Max Rager and gets caught in the building by Vaughn Du Clark. 

Clive and Liv solve the case and Liv sees a vision of a real zombie. 

Liv spies on Drake and sees Drake working with Mr. Boss. 

Things go wrong in the Max Rager basement and Vaughn Du Clarke leaves Rita down there and the uber zombie attacks her. 

Blaine takes Ravi's cure even though its not tested. 

Major takes down Drake and has Blaine freeze him leaving Liv unaware what has happened. 




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iZombie Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Major: YOu didn't know?
Vaugh Du Clark: That you were doing the feather bed jig with my daughter? Um, no?
Blaine: Your...

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I am hungry like the wolf.