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Things heat up between Liv and Major, but she stops them before they can get too far and worry about zombie infection via bodily fluids. 

A dead security guard turns out to be a basketball coach, and the kids he taught turn up with evidence. 

Babineaux calls Suzuki's widow for information on the Meat Cute incident. 

Gabriel shows up offering to cut the tainted Utopium for Blaine in exchange for a cure for zombieism. 

The kids' suspect turns out to be an abusive father of their teammate. 

Major asks Gilda for a stronger sedative for the zombies he kills, which brings back dark thoughts about his latest victim. Before he can take more Utopium, Liv shows up and gives him a coach brains fueled pep-talk. 

Babineaux threatens the abusive father and punches him repeatedly when he picks a fight.

Liv gets Major the coaching job to help him remember that he was meant to help disadvantaged kids.

Blaine sends the tainted Utopium to Ravi in the hopes that he can replicated the cure.

Gilda cuts Liv and steals some of her blood for the lab at Max Rager to test on. 

Major meets another zombie, but he has trouble bringing himself to kill him when he sees the man's family.

Dale tells Babineaux that they found a hair from the missing astronaut they've been looking for at Meat Cute, making him even more curious about the massacre. Meanwhile, he investigates a large donation their murder victim received online. 

Ravi comes up with a new version of the cure, but when Gabriel steals it, it kills him. 

Major tells Gilda that none of his targets turned out to be zombies, but it's clear she knows he's lying. He throws his Utopium away and tells Liv he wants to get back together with her. 

Suzuki's wife shows up with brains her husband left in his freezer, which she gives to Babineaux. 

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

So far it sounds like all of our problems could be solved with condoms and rock salt.


Liv: Do you have any open sores in your mouth?
Major: Sexy.

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