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Liv wonders if she can really trust Drake as she crawls back into bed with him. Peyton opens up to Ravi about her work issues and they start drinking. 

At the crime scene the next day, Ravi is hung over. A hungry Liv is disappointed to learn that three victims are headless.  To help her hunger, Liv eats a millennial brain. 

With Liv, Peyton tells Blaine that she isn't working with him anymore and plans to tell her boss, the District Attorney. Blaine leaves, upset and Liv notices that Peyton's Mr. Boss' crime board has the three headless victims on it. 

Peyton stops at her boss' house but someone working as the Chaos Killer has murdered him. Liv and Clive go talk to Mr. Boss but they don't think he is the one responsible. They bring in an informant who tells Clive and Liv about a new player in town who is selling a new type of utopium. 

Drake brings Liv to his mother's house and they are delightful. Ravi and Peyton bond. Blaine is confronted by Mr. Boss at the funeral home and demands that Blaine pay him $5,000 a week for bailing on him after the boat party. 

Liv and Clive find the three missing heads in the fridge at the District Attorney's cabin. Liv helps him. The Mayor refuses to accept Peyton's resignation and they press on to take down Mr. Boss. 

The Max Rager boss tells Major that if he doesn't kill the District Attorney, he will kill every single troll on the Max Rager website. Major helps the D.A. fake his suicide. 

Liv has a vision and realizes that Blaine is the new drug player in town. 



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