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Gilda finds out that Major and Liv are back together, and she jealousy tries to plant seeds of doubt in Liv's mind.

Regina, a wedding planner, is murdered in a garage after being attacked, and she turns out to be Babineaux's ex-girlfriend. During Regina's autopsy, Ravi is disappointed to find evidence that Babineaux is a suspect. 

At Max Rager HQ, Gilda and Vaughn run more tests on zombies, but scientists tell them they need a human test subject. 

A new cop, Detective Cavanaugh takes on the case, and he seems determined to pin the murder on Babineaux.

Liv eats Regina's brains to try to help prove Babineaux innocent right before Bozzio stops by to drop of the package Regina dropped on her porch, which turns out to be a creepy stalker scrapbook.

Liv's stalker tendencies start to take themselves out on Major, and she finds out about Gilda, codename: Rita. Liv finds his hidden zombie-killing safe next, but she tries her best not to let the brain take over.

Babineaux warns Liv not to go poking around the case uninvited, but she tries anyway. He tells her that Regina stole his gun earlier that month, which is how his weapon ended up at the scene of the crime. 

When Liv finds out that Regina stalked cops and evidence goes missing from Cavanaugh's desk, they become suspicious that another cop killed Regina. 

Liv gets caught breaking into the Chief of Police's car. In jail, Liv worries that her appetite will put the other inmates in danger. She holds out, but just barely.

Vaughn gives Major 

Liv manages to find the real killer, but it puts more doubts in her mind about Major. She tries to break into his safe, and he shows her their old engagement ring inside. She finds a new text from "Rita" on his phone, and she pretends to be Major to try to get her to reveal details about their relationship. 


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I've got the brains, we've both got the looks. Let's make money!


Ravi: I just had a thought. What if you have a vision of having sex with Clive? You might see his 'O' face!
Liv: Really? That's where your mind goes?
Ravi: I bet it's super angry.