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On a dig, Major and Ravi uncover a body but it's not the ones they are looking for. It's Corey "Big Fish" Carp. 

Liv eats the brain and it turns out he is just  a big liar and he worked for Mr. Boss. 

Blaine's father's will is read and it stipulates that Blaine gets nothing because his father's death had an element of foul play, so all assets are awarded to the nanny. 

Blaine's flunky catches Major and they realize he is the Chaos Killer. Blaine is mad that Major is is killing his clients nut decides to use Major for his own means when Major refuses to give up Max Rager. 

Major agrees to bring back Blaine's father in exchange for his life. 

Drake goes to kill one of the suspects in Big Fish's murder, as ordered by Mr. Boss. Liv and Clive drop by the suspect's place, but he's gone. 

Blaine calls one of his clients to come in and Major kills him. 

Liv waits for Drake at dinner, but he never shows. Drake sneaks into Liv's room in the middle of the night and Liv has a vision about Drake. 

The night Drake was killed, he was shot by Big Fish and Big Fish was killed by Don E. 

In hopes of triggering some memories of the two missing drug dealers with the tainted utopium, Liv goes to one of their houses. And has a vision that Big Fish is the one who killed them. 

Blaine unfreezes his Dad and confronts his father about his childhood. Blaine has his friends torture his Dad until he agrees to redo his will. 

Ravi, Major and Liv find the tainted utopium in the field using the info from Liv's vision. 






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iZombie Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

We did it! Zombie cure, here we come!


Clive: I'm gonna run this by Bozzio.
Ravi: If she bears your children, you'll start using her first name, right?