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Liv is upset when Major tells everyone that he gave the last cure he had to Natalie. Liv goes after Blaine after the news, because she thinks he took the cure and felt he has been lying to them all this time. She punches him outside the nightclub that he is performing in. While she's choking him, and going zombie on him, he explains that he didn't steal the cure.

A teacher who was a womanizer and playboy is murdered. He is shot in the face with thirteen nails. Clive wonders why Liv still has her blond hair and she says she'll tell him later.

Liv eats the preschool teacher brain and finds out that he has been sleeping with many of the mothers of his students, regardless of whether or not they were married.

Blaine mopes because he's still upset about his breakup with Peyton. His associate, Candy, isn't happy with how disinterested he is in everything.

Peyton works on the case with the dominatrix killer. She hopes to get the memory card that the man killed the dominatrix for, but a new lawyer comes in when she proposes a new deal and speaks to the man. The man agrees to the full sentence, and the lawyer says the memory card should be deemed non-existent. The killer later kills himself in his cell in prison. 

Peyton wants to know what the truth is. Ravi proposes putting his brain in the memory serum and convincing Liv to consume it so they can find out more.

Major and Justin hang out at Baracas' house. While making a brain sandwich, Justin reveals that he knows Major is human. Major admits to it and Justin asks about the cure. Justin promises to keep Major's secret even though he wonders how long Major can keep it hidden from the rest of the zombie soldiers.

The zombie soldiers go to The Scratching Post where Major nearly fails the ghost pepper test before Don E comes in and invites them inside. Justin asks Major about Liv and pursuing her. Later he and Liv go on an unofficial date. 

Major and Justin go on a mission, tracking Harley down. They track down the car but when Harley and his friend pulls off and runs over Justin, Justin jumps on the car and reveals he's a zombie. Harley gets it on tape.

Blaine's father's henchman comes in and shoots him, nearly killing him, after the rest of Blaine's operation bails on him. It's a message sent from his father, but Blaine offers to pay the man if he spares his life.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Liv: Up. Scum!
Ravi: I'm pretty sure that's the anger controlling you.

Major: I gave the cure to Natalie. I am so sorry.
Peyton: Who's Natalie?
Liz: Major's zombie, hooker friend.