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Vivian bombs the Max rager headquarters after she has all the chaos killer victims taken away. She comes up with a cover story and buries the evidence of a zombie outbreak. It makes Team Z uncomfortable. They head to the Fillmore Graves HQ to find out who Vivian is and what she has planned. She's genuine about wanting Seattle to be a Zombie homeland and has plans to build an entire zombie community on their very own island.

She admits that her husband was turned (by Blaine) and that she turned herself so she wouldn't be without him, but then Blaine killed him. She's preparing for a war in the event that the humans found out about them.

There's a zombie school and Clive recognizes Wally, a kid who used to live near him. He promises to keep in touch with the kid. Later on Wally and his family are killed, presumably by someone who has figured out that they are zombies, because their nails have been removed and they have max rager, plus they're shot in the head.

A radio host who happens to be a conspiracy theorist talks about zombies and has people calling in. From the sounds of it, they're right about the zombie thing and it puts people on high alert and the fear is that D-day has come sooner than anticipated.

Clive reminds Ravi that Peyton slept with Blaine, and things are awkward between all of them. Ravi's old boss Katty Kupps shows up to investigate the bodies and she is already starting to piece together the boat massacre and other things. 

Ravi and Liv promise to help Clive find Wally's killer because he's prevented from investigating the case because he's too close.

Don E defrosts Blaine's father and they make plans. 

Major joins Vivian's zombie army.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I propose that from this day forward no big secrets between the five of us.


Ravi: Unreciprocated. You didn't get that down
Agent: Only because I can't spell it.