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Clive and Liv chain zombie Harley up in the compound and wait for Major to come with brain mash. they then inject him and put him away in the freezer. 

Katty stops by the office to comment on the article written about zombies. She doesn't believe it. Liv hides under Ravi's desk and overhears Katty calling Ravi out on revealing things and encouraging the crazies. Liv figures out that Ravi spilled the beans to Rachel.

Rachel returns to apologize to Ravi but also to ask for more information. She claims she didn't put his name out there. He tries to get her out of there before Liv shows up, but fortunately, Liv has tanned and dyed. They get called to a crime scene and realize that  Katty has been killed. 

Liv eats Katty brain and has visions of having sex with Ravi. She can't look him in the eye after that. Katty was looking into a bioterrorism issue on a flight from Paris to Seattle. Clive, Liv, and Ravi interview all the members on Katty's list including a bigot and a Sikh. 

Major is called in to speak with Chase. Chase realizes Major isn't human anymore and dismisses him from the army. His friends decide to throw a party for him. 

Natalie returns and says she took the cure and has been traveling the world. Major tells her about everything that has been happening to him. They sleep together and she offers to whisk him away. He agrees.

Liv figures out that on Katty brain she heads to a bar and picks up men. She almost goes up to one guy's room. Then she leaves and calls Justin over to confirm what their relationship is. He says they're dating and exclusive to each other.

Later on she heads back to the bar and runs into Chase. They spend most of the night talking about other couple's sexual fantasies. Then they have sex. 

Zombie truthers go to the compound and someone unlocked and released Harley. He attacks them.

Liv doesn't show up to the party because she's with Chase. Justin is worried about her. He and Major step outside to call her again and talk. Meanwhile zombie harley shows up to the party with a bomb strapped t on his chest and blows it up with most of the zombie army and Natalie inside.

Clive figures out that Tatum's friend was on the plane with the others. He goes to talk to her and sees that Gold, Vivian's associate, is the girl's mother.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

From Shawna's ramblings it seems you had an intimate relationship with a human, and she did not turn into a zombie. So, either you discovered a revolutionary form of prophylaxis, or you're human.


"According to a source in the medical examiner's office, who saw bodies from the party first hand..." Ravi? It's obviously you. Why would you be a source in this absurd story? This is exactly what got you fired from the CDC.