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Liv eats the brain of the office gossip in order to find out who killed her. It turns out Cheryl told everyone's secrets so everyone had a motive. After she revealed that one of her co-workers was a former porn star, and another cheated on his wife with another guy, they teamed up with another wronged colleague. They pulled the fire alarm, spiked Cheryl's yogurt and killed her.

Ravi gives Blaine a check-up but advises that someone stay with him to make sure the cure works. they have to wait to see if his memory will be restored.

Blaine crashes at Liv and Peyton's for the next few days so Peyton can keep an eye on him. He talks about how he doesn't want to remember if he's really as bad as he's been told that he was. He doesn't want to be the old Blaine. Peyton tells him that she doesn't want him to be the old Blaine either.The pair cooks dinner together and begin making out.

Peyton wants to sleep with Blaine but he stops her because he doesn't want his potential last night as good Blaine to be the only reason she sleeps with him. The next morning when he reveals that his memories haven't been restored they sleep together. Peyton is sad that the cure won't help  Liv and Major, but she's relieved that Blaine didn't become the bad person he used to be.

Ravi gets drunk and plays video games because he's moping over Peyton. When Major figures out that the man responsible for Natalie's disappearance is in town, he gets Ravi to go on a stakeout with him. They are caught following him, and Osbourne sends his goon out to beat Major up and threaten to kill them both. Major is able to sneak a tracker on him though.

Major follows the tracker the next day and finds Natalie. She warns him to stay away and he gives her the cure in case she wants to take it.

Liv and Clive track down a suspect based off of the zombie message board. He was related to the man whose hand they used to access the basement at Max Rager.


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