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Liv and Major have to eat father and daughter brain after a case involving a car accident comes up. It's Clive's first time watching them eat and he's grossed out. Liv gets the father's brain and Major is on teenage girl brain.

They find out that the teen find out her best friend was having an affair with her stepfather. They assumed that the stepfather or the best friend caused the accident because they knew the teen was going to the police to reveal the affair. It turns out the scorned wife didn't want the embarrassment of the secret coming out so she was responsible for their deaths. 

Major starts his first day of training at Vivian's army. He's introduced to brain mash, a combination of brains that keeps the other zombies from having to deal with the personalities of the people they eat.

Ravi is still hung up on Peyton so he spends most of his time moping and avoiding her, and getting pep talks from both Major and Liv.

Clive's backstory with Wally is revealed. He was close with wally and ended up basbysitting him, which is how he became a Game of Thrones fan. Wally's father was abusive and one night Clive had him arrested for abusing his wife. Clive got close to wally's mother and they allmost started a romantic relationship.

Clive had to go undercover and while he was way the father was released from prison. When Clive got back wally and his mother was gone. 

They find out that there is a message board for anti zombie folks and it shares the address of wally's family and says that they are zombies. the message board encourages vilence against zombies (specifically death). The neighbor of wally reveals that everyone on the street saw the message board.

Baracuas is running for mayor. 

Major continues to look for natalie and has to deal with society seeing him as the chaos killer.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Wally's father was a bit of a nightmare.


Wally: Is that mustache real?
Clive: No, I glued it to give myself more authority in situations like this.
Wally: Well, you look like black Tony Stark.