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Brains to Seattle have been halted. 

Ravi tells Peyton not to return after hearing the news. 

One of the coyotes comes to tell Ravi that Liv turned herself over and that she will be executed. 

Peyton arrives at the house. Ravi tells her about what happened to Liv after they had sex.

Clive and Dale are about to have sex when Ravi calls Clive to tell him about Liv. Dale thinks it's a sign. 

One of the guards holding Liv is Justin. 

Jordan heads home to give her siblings brain tubes. Major calls her and asks for a favor. 

Liv sees Levon being held when she's being carted away. They exchange "I Love Yous"

Liv is brought to an interrogation room where the French Inspector hits Liv while wearing brass knuckles in hopes that she'll talk. 

Chase comes to get Liv and takes her to see Ravi, Peyton, and Clive after she has makeup put on her. He tells her she only has one minute to say goodbye to them all. She tells Clive about where to find the video footage. She tells Ravi to eat Isobel's brain for her, and Peyton promises to make FG pay. 

Chase tells them that they might want to find some good seats up close because they're going fast. When the others are plotting to figure out how to save Liv, Major shows up in disguise trying to figure out how to help. 

Peyton is with the coyotes and they are going to release the video. She calls Ravi and asks if he wants his face blurred out from it. He says no. The video is released and the soldiers show it to Chase. He's in awe that Paul Rudd narrated it. He wants everyone in the video to be identified. 

Jordan comes to Chase and tells him that she wants back in and she needs extra tubes. She tells him she knows where to find Major. They bust in on his location, but it's empty. Major watches from the other hotel room with the rest of Renegade's operation. He tells them he knows how to get by them because he knows how they'll do things. 

The video has been seen a quarter of a million times, so they know people will be outraged. Chase suggests executing her anyway, but Hobbs tells him that he can't do that because they can't afford a riot since they're outnumbered and don't know how their own soldiers will react to things. 

They agree to kill her early in the morning and record it to show it later. 

Inspector reports to Blaine and Angus. They talk about getting their people to show up and make a move at Renegade's execution. 

Jordan tells Major about the new plans and different time to execute Liv. Major tells the others and Peyton flips out. 

Peyton fights her way onto the local newstation to deliver the new to the public. She tells the public to go to the new location. 

Angus wants to join his flock attacking FG. Blaine doesn't want him to do that. He tells Angus that he was the one giving him signs. 

Justin sees the video while transporting Liv and Levon to their execution. Thousands of zombies and others have flocked outside to protest the execution. They're trying to break in. 

Chase tells all the soldiers to shoot to kill. 

Levon is executed. 

Major rages out and attacks Chase. They fight. A bunch of others breaks through. Chase tries to go for a gun while reaching across the guillotine. Liv pulls the handle to execute him and kills him. 

Justin frees her. A soldier comes in and wants to know what to do about the zombies who crashed the gate. He looks for the commander, and everyone looks to Major to take over as commander. He starts giving everyone orders. 

Blaine watches the news and sees that his father was executed along with the other zombie flock. 

Liv wants to go away somewhere. Ravi tells her about the cure and she says he wants to take it. He tries to convince her to be Renegade because so many people have faith in her now, but she makes up her mind. 

Major comes by to see her. He tells her that he's the new commander and he apologizes for Levon's death. He tells her that there will be new rules and that smuggling in humans will be encouraged and FG is no enemy to her. Liv is still annoyed with him, and when Peyton reminds her that he risked everything for her, she mentions that she never forgot who he was even if he did sometimes. 

Dale and Clive get married at the precinct by Vampire Steve. Liv is Dale's maid of honor, and Ravi is Clive's best man. Clive vows that he won't be upset about not having children, and Liv decides to give her cure to Dale. The couple is overjoyed. 

Blaine is depressed about his plans not panning out and his father being killed. He's playing Russian roulette via Candy. He and Don E are called into FG. 

Major tells them that he's going to need them to increase their brain smuggling to accomodate the growing population. He agrees to forgive them of all of their debts and says that they'll be hailed as heroes when this all pans out. They reach an agreement. 

Liv mourns in Levon's motel room. They convince her to come outside by the pool to party. When she gets out there, there are dozens of humans and zombies supporting her and wanting to help the cause. Ravi asks her what's next on the agenda as Renegade. 


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iZombie Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Fillmore Graves has Liv. They plan to execute her.


You better not be on a plane back here. You stay there until it's safe. There's going to be a day of reckoning once we run out of brains.