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A rich older lady is killed when she's shot in the eyesocket with a golfball. 

Major and Liv are sleeping together. 

Liv on Mrs. Brinks brain is driving Clive nuts. She wants him to chauffer her around. 

Major is training the kids on how to be peacekeepers. When they try to calm a situation between a store owner who serves zombies and a person who hates zombies, things escalate. Jordan threatens to shoot the man. He and his friends offer to shoot back and they take off of her helmet. 

She goes full on zombie mode on them. She accidentally scratches someone, and it's caught on video.

Clive is having an issue with intimacy with Dale. He's having a hard time with his libido because they can't have sex. He goes to Ravi for advice. Ravi gives him an anti-anxiety medication to lower his libido, but when Dale finds out, she calls him out on it. 

The victim was a rich woman who made her staff's life hell. She sexually abused and manipulated her driver, screwed over her gardener when she promised to write his daughter a letter of recommendation for college, but then she refused which caused his daughter to remain in town and be turned into a zombie. 

She didn't help her cook's sick so, so the cook killed her. She confessed, but she wanted them to help her get her son to LA with his father. 

Liv and Ravi smuggle the kid over the border into the forbidden part of town, but when they go to cross the border, Major is there monitoring it. He lets them go across, but he blows up about it later because it put his job in jeopardy. 

Liv and Ravi take the kid to an underground network led by a woman named Renegade who sneaks people out of Seattle. She takes the boy to his father. 

Liv and Major have a falling out when he tell she's self-righteous. 

Angus effectively leads his cult and is recruiting people with brains. 

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