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Nellie, a community theater actress puts on Rent, but with the zombie virus intead of AIDS.

She's killed in a bus crash that Peyton is investigating. She promises to find the family dog for one of the victims. 

Because there is no active murder investigation, Ravi is off. He is also on his zombie cycle. There are brains up for grabs at the morgue because of the bus crash.

Peyton asks Liv to eat the brain of the dog owner to help her find the dog. The man is a heroin addict though. Later on, Ravi chooses to eat the brain himself to help Peyton.

Ravi is going through withdrawal at the sexual harassment seminar at work. He also had to be babysat by Major. Major calls Peyton to take over for him. Peyton is touched that Ravi would go to great lengths to help her. 

Ravi escapes and goes to Don E looking for drugs. He ends up talking with Blaine. Peyton tracks him down there and gives him brain mash because she doesn't want him on the brain anymore.He refuses to take it, but he has a vision that helps her find the dog. Later, she goes to thank him when he's off of it, and they kiss.

Liv shows up at the meeting with Levon and the other members of Renegade's team. She offers to be the next Renegade. A shipment of stowaways have been smuggled into Seattle, but everyone has scattered after the execution. They try to come up with a way to save the group before they die.

Liv puts together a plan, and she acts as decoy playing a New Zealander distracting the guard. They are able to save everyone. Liv scratches some of them and its recorded. She reunites them with their family. Later on, Levon brings her a flashdrive so she can decide the next three people they save.

Blaine visits his father's grave. He gets a call that something is happening at his restaurant. When he gets there, Angus is there and the zombie who came looking for food earlier that day. Angus forces Blaine to feed him and his flock of disciples once a week. 

Blaine flips out on his father. 

Clive tries to set up a date with Michelle the new cop. It works at first. Then she realizes that he's dating Dale and in a relationship. so she declines. 

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Liv: I am willing to take Mama's place. I am willing to do the scratching.
Zombie Coyote: Take mama's place?

Look bud, you're in New York, I'm in Seattle. There is a militarized border wall and 10,000 zombies between you and my stage. Good luck stopping me.