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The other soldiers make fun of Major for being Chase's right-hand and "boyfriend" including Chase. 

Isobel tells her mother about not being able to be turned. Ravi promises Isobel's mother that he'll look after her.

Dale questions Blaine and Don E about the mayor's death and a zombie cure. She has a vision of someone wearing a mask because she ate Baracus' brain. 

One of the crew says she will bring in a new person to help. Isobel does all the IDs for the new people being smuggled in. Ravi continues to study her. 

They all watch Zombie high together.

Lou Benedetto is killed while in the confessional at church. 

Lou had three buckshots. He was investigating a criminal.

Vampire Steve can't pinpoint the hacker who sent the video of Baracus' death.

Angus tells Blaine that he's the next and coming of zombies. 

Clive talks to Liv about Michelle. He wants kids and knows he can't have them with Dale. Michelle sends Clive video. He misses Liv tracking down a suspect, sliding across the car, and beating the suspect with a fish in front of the dash cam. Dale suspends Liv. 

Clive tells Liv about arresting an ex-con, AJ. He and Liv interrogate him and find out that Benedetto was being shady.

Liv arranges for the zombie high actor to take Isobel out, and Ravi freaks out because Isobel was just talking about wanting to have sex before she dies.

Blaine goes to Angus' church. The woman who helped raise Blaine and abused him is brought into the church. Angus accuses her of abusing his son. He allows the congregation to feast on her brains. 

Ravi waits up for Isobel. He opens the door and tries to shoo her date away but they continue to make out. 

Chase interrogates a smuggler and wants to know who the new Renegade is. He tells him that Brother Love wants him smuggling in humans to make them into zombies. 

Liv has Levon hit her so she can rage out. She tries to break into the safe house but she can't. She scratches Curtis instead. He tells her he sent them after Brother Love.

The french investigator goes to Angus' church and is enamored by Blaine's singing.

Major finds a tracking device in his pocket and goes to confront Liv. He pieces together that she's the new Renegade and it gets ugly. When he tries to assault Levon, she throws him out. 

Russ Roach is working with AJ. 


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iZombie Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I glued a guy's buttocks together, but he deserved it. He was a real turd.


You guys are headed for a fall. I hope I'm the one who gets to do the pushing.