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A wealthy teen who happens to be Blane's neighbor throws a party. Blaine threatens him when he refuses to move a car parked in front of Blaine's driveway. 

Someone locks the kid in his steam room and he dies. Clive gets injured when he's trying to investigate, so he has to go out on leave. Liv and Ravi investigate the case on their own. 

Harris the kid was a prankster. Liv sees visions of him buying the zombie cure for his girlfriend from Don E, and it confirms Blaine took them. They want to arrest Blaine for murder, but his alibi is Al. 

Al takes some of the brains while at the morgue to learn more about Blaine. She also interviews Liv and Ravi but realizes no one wants to say anything about Blaine because of the brains he provides. She also talks to Don E, and then later on to Peyton. 

She writes a scathing article about how they all made a deal with Blaine who is the devil and about his past of kiling people and smuggling things and drug dealing. 

Zombies throw things through Blaine's window the next day. 

The news about Freylich's disease being what makes the cure is out and Ravi is afraid the kids who have it will be haunted. 

Ravi and Liv use Vampire Steve to help catch Harris' best friend who killed him.

the Dead Enders dose the dispensary brain mash with dementia brain. Major has to suffer from it for  awhile. Enzo the inspector uses it to his advantage to attack the dead enders protesting. Major freezes him, but they discover the other people the put away are no longer in there. 

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

You know what I enjoy? Killing people who piss me off, and that's not hyperbole. If you don't that car moved, I will literally end your life. Nod if you understand.


Al: So what's next? Politics?
Blaine: Ha! Do I really seem that depraved?
Al: Jury's still out.