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Ravi and Liv are both on the brain of a car salesman who made many enemies because of him being the best seller who was number one. He was killed during an incident with self-driving car. 

The station has to sell raffle tickets, and Liv and Ravi turn it into a competition on who can sell the most tickets. They try to help Clive solve the case. 

Rick's biggest nemesis Stu was the suspect, but then his daughter who was a hacker and had previously done some things in the past. He confessed later saying he read her books and learned how to hack. 

Liv meets with her father to talk about things. She discovers that he's still using drugs and she encourages him to get off of them. He seems to have developed a fondess for her, but Enzo is worried it may interfere with their plans. 

Generals and other offficials come to Seattle to talk with Major. He presents them the zombie island plan. They arranged for the doctor at the station to be scratched, and he then turns around and scratches and infects some of the officials when they leave to go back to the rest of the states. 

Hi zombie is taking off. 

Blaine pays new smugglers to kidnap the teens with freylich's disease. He has Don E babysit Darcy, but Don E develops feelings for her. 

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Congratulations, doc. You're a zombie now. If you want to survive you gotta do everything I say.


Blaine: We barely spend any time together anymore. What happened to us?
Don E: I have a bar to run.