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.A temperamental chief is murdered at her restaurant. They wrap her with plastic wrap. She had ridiculous standards, and was hard on everyone around, so no one liked her. She was a perfectionist.

Ravi is looking for someone named Beantown Bob who was a Utopian dealer and may lead to Ravi making a cure without kids being killed for their brains.

Ravi helps Charlie track down her twin sister Lila so they can make amends for something in the past.

Clive gives Michelle an easier assignment at work and thinks it will protect her, but she ends up getting hurt anyway. The hospital calls him because his name is on her paperwork at the father of the baby. She tells him that he likely is not the father, but she wishes he was because of him being a good guy. They seem to get past it.

Liv bumps into her mother at her mother's job. They have words, and even though her mother has figured things out, her mother still acts like she won't forgive her. Liv mentions her father and that she thinks she knows who he is, but her mother tells her the truth. Her father is named Martin Roberts, he was a doctor, but he had a drug probelm and he's not a good guy. She tells her to stay away from him.

The killer accidentally killed the chief because she found out he was stealing brains and she threatened to out him to his parents who were in CHIC.

Meanwhile Major was dealing with another betrayal because his friend Justin chose to side with the militants and Major was forced to kill him.

Liv tracked down Martin Roberts, and it's the mysterious guy leading the militant group causing all the trouble.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Clive: They told me you put me down as the father of the baby and in case of an emergency.
Michelle: the baby's not yours, Clive.

Dear God, did someone run this through cat litter?!

Liv [spits out coffee]