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Blaine is in jail. He's trying to get out, but he has to scrounge up money for his attorney, and all of his assets were frozen.

Blaine puts pressure on Don E to get rainy day money to pay for his lawyer. Eventually Don E manages it but the bar isn't doing well. No one will come in and people are protesting outside.

With Blaine in jail the brain smuggling business is down, and the city only has two says left before they're out of brains completely. Even though the city has a secret stash, they refuse to help and nuking the city is on the table. They decide to hold off since the CDC is making strides with the cure.

Mr. Boss arrives and wants to strike a deal to work with Don E. He refuses at first but when Blaine proves to be ungrateful and nasty and then kills tanner in a fit of rage after finding out Tanner ditched the last cure vials, Don E turns on Blaine.

Blaine tries to threaten Al but she is not intimidated and puts a gun to his head. She's Boss' niece and he had her ruin Blaine so he could swoop in.

Major arranges for new brains. He also irritates Dolly.

Graham brings a mole into Liv's operation.

Blaine remembers that the cure has something to do with the sick kids. He finds one and offers her money for her brain after she dies and then takes her to someone needing the cure and sells her off. He offers to kill her too.

Dale is on bedrest and Clive takes over as lieutenant.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Dale: So, what's it like being the most hated man in Seattle?
Blaine: I don't know. I haven't talked to A-Rod in a while.

Let's face it. We all have a little monster in us.

Blaine Voiceover