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  • Jane is given the responsibility to oversee a dress for Nina Garcia and finds out that a back-up dress is made in case something happens to the other one.
  • Eli asks Jane out on a date to a fancy restaurant. She has the perfect dress, but her mother mistakes it for Cinderella's costume. So, Jane decides to wear Nina's back-up dress. All is good, until Nina walks in. And, then needs the dress when her's is covered in wine. Jane leaves wearing a tablecloth dress and Eli's jacket. They finish their date at a hot dog stand. The date didn't go as planned, but it was a great date. It ends in a kiss.
  • Jane's mom is given an ultimatum by Dakota. Either marry him or he would leave. She decides to leave with Dakota, but promises to keep in touch with Jane.
  • Ben is given the opportunity to try out for a minor league baseball contract. He decides with his mother back, he has a second chance. He gets the contract and leaves. Jane decides not to tell him that their mother left with Dakota.
  • Amanda tries to seduce Ben, but he tells her that he isn't over Rita. When Amanda's job is on the line and Rita holds the decision in her hand, Amanda tells Rita to go after Ben. When Rita finds out that Ben is leaving to play ball, she goes to say goodbye. She doesn't reveal her feelings because she didn't want to stop him from getting on the bus.
  • Billy gets jealous when Nick and Zoe show chemistry on stage. He misunderstands dialogue as them falling in love with each other. Nick decides to quit the play because his friendship with Billy is more important.
  • Jane and Billy's relationship is strained slightly due to each of their budding romances.
Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Eli: Oh and wear something nice.
Jane: Again, kind of insulting.

Eli: You look like someone who doesn't have plans tomorrow night.
Jane: That's kind of insulting.