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  • In London, Jane successfully convinces Jeremy to take his designs to Harrods and saves the day.
  • For a job well-done, Gray gives Jane a bonus check for $5,000, which she tells Billy she is going to use to put a down payment on a new car.
  • Even though Jane didn't get to enjoy the party at her house, she has to fix the mess left behind.
  • Ben returns home and finds out Jane has been living alone. He decides to stay and fight for Rita. She goes to the baseball field and kissing Ben in front of the high school team. They get back together.
  • Due to the destroyed costumes and a broken light board, the play is canceled. Jane gives her bonus check to Amanda saying it was from Donovan Decker instead of her.
  • Carter asks Jane to tell Gray about a last minute charity event for that evening. She agrees, but convinces him to help her and Eli fix the costumes.
  • Eli comes clean to Jane about sleeping with someone else and she admits she can't confide in him about everything. Eli helps Jane realize she should be with Billy, the only one that knows her.
  • Amanda drops off an invitation for Gray to attend the play and Carter mistakes that for the invite he was waiting for.
  • Harper tries to sabotage Zoe's lead role in the play by dropping beads on the ground for her to fall on. But, instead it is Nick that gets hurt. Billy fills in and plays the role opposite Zoe.
  • Jane isn't able to get Billy alone to tell her how she feels and then sees Billy and Zoe in the play and after and can't tell him.
  • Gray and Eli attend the play together and are impressed by the costumes and ask to meet the designer -- Jane.
Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I just didn't want Ben to miss out on his dream again because of me.


That's Gray spreading sunshine wherever she goes.