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India gives a presentation for a new line geared towards teenagers that Jane doesn't think will fly. Gray asks Jane to interview teens about fashion. Jane gets permission to interview students at her school. While watching the video, India recognizes Billy and thinks Jane faked the videos and goes to the school to investigate. After being dismissed by Lulu's father for his punk look, Billy decides to give up the hair gel and dress more conservatively. This saves Jane as Billy doesn't look like the picture from the trunk party. Jane's secret is safe. Until India and Jeremy walk by her classroom. Jane is able to save herself by pretending to thank the students for helping with the video. Until Jeremy sees Nick and remembers him from the diner. Will Jeremy figure it out? In the end, Jane and Nick run into each other. Nick says that he likes Jane's weirdness and they kiss.

Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I guess I'm trying a new message.


Jane: Please tell me you ran out of hair gel.
Billy: I'm just trying something new.