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Gray gives Jane a unique assignment to get the company Lookbook and bring it to her in Paris. Jane lies to her brother that she is spending the night at Lulu's house. So, she asks Billy to get Lulu to cover for her. Lulu ends up agreeing and tells Ben that Jane is staying at her house. In the process of her day, Jane loses the Lookbook and sets out to find it. She enlists Billy's help. Just as she is about to call and tell Gray she lost it, India gives her the book. It was left in a cab. Jane heads to Paris and gives Gray the book. Gray announces that she is the new Creative Director.

Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

But, we work in fashion.


Gray: Bring me the book, Jane. See you in Paris.
Jane: Guess I'm going to Paris.