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Donovan Decker is given the opportunity to design a wedding dress for a high-profile bride, Charlotte Whitmore. If she wears their design, it will elevate the prestige of the design firm. The original dress designed by Donovan was big and bulky. Jane walks into the dress showing and Charlotte asks her opinion and she says she doesn't like the dress. Charlotte gives the team a day to come up with a new design. Jane came up with an idea for a dress and India took it and gave it to Jeremy. Jane is in awe of seeing her design on a dress form and tells Jeremy that it's her design. India maintains that it is hers. Jane proves that it was her dress by showing her inspiration -- her mother's dress. Jeremy breaks up with India. Jane stays with Jeremy and presents the new dress to Charlotte. She loves it!


While Jane was working, Billy and Nick get to know each other. They find they have nachos and Jane in common. They get into a fight and run away. They realize they both care about Jane.

Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Billy: You don't like Nachos?
Nick: Everyone likes nachos.

Do you hear that? It's not a clock, it's a time bomb.