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While at breakfast, Rafael tells Jane that Luisa wants to have therapy with the two of them. Since Luisa is the baby's aunt, Jane wants Rafael to forgive her and join her at therapy.  

Petra is on edge since she hasn't heard from Lachlan and Rafael wants her to continue doing her job if she wants money. 

At Jane's internship at The Passions of Santos, the head writer offers Jane the chance to write an entire episode.  Jane's episode involves Rogelio's character's death. Because Rogelio has been too demanding at work, the writers make the decision to kill of his character. Jane tries to help Rogelio to convince the writers to keep him alive, but they do not listen to his pleas. 

Michael gets suspended for following Rafael against orders. Michael continues to investigate a plastic surgeon and has his brother pretend to be a patient in order to find information on Solano and does. Michael finally believes that Emilio is Sin Rostro thanks to what he discovered at the doctor's office. 

Emilio returns from his trip, but Rose still believes that he is Sin Rostro. Rafael tries to ease Rose's nervousness about Emilio being Sin Rostro. 

Rogelio and Xo continue to be together without sex, but it is more difficult than anticipated. 

Petra's client at the Marbella is Milos. He confesses that he purposely threw the acid at her mother and wants her forgiveness. Jane runs into a sobbing Petra in the stairwell and asks what is bothering her. Petra tells her everything about Milos. Later in the hotel, Milos captures Petra when she is distracted.  

At therapy, Jane listens to Luisa's story. Rafael tells Luisa everything about Sin Rostro. Luisa seems to know something. Luisa asks Jane for a favor to get a letter to Rose. 

Rogelio is depressed about being fired. Xo convinces him to try and become a movie star. Rogelio still wants Jane to write his 'death episode.'

Rafael discovers the letter in Jane's purse, but won't give it too Rose. Rafael does not want to forgive Luisa, who tells him via voicemail to read the letter to Rose. While out with Rose, Rafael sees the contractor talking to his father. 

Rogelio's assistant gets a new part on The Passions of Santos and helped plant all of the problems that caused him to be fired. Jane sees her episode being filmed and her and Rogelio bond.

Milos tells Petra the truth about her mother being able to walk and tricks her mother into getting the truth. 

Jane convinces Rafael to read Luisa's letter. When he does, he discovers that his father may have killed the bell boy thanks to a cork screw she left behind in his room. In the hotel courtyard, Rose kills Emilio by burying him in cement. It is actually revealed that Rose is Sin Rostro.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You cannot have "The Passions of Santos" without Santos. That is just "Passions" and that show failed.


Humble. Oh, well yes excellent, Jane. That'll be easy considering my immense gifts, I am one of the most humble men in the world.