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A young Jane is writing her first story. When she wants to share her hobby with Xo, she overhears her arguing with her mother about Xo's singing career. That starts Jane's secret of her writing talent.  

After many years, a story was finally accepted for an online magazine. 

For their sonogram, Jane takes Rafael on the bus for the first time. Even though, Jane and Rafael are taking their relationship slow, she tells him about her short story, but since it is loosely based on her mother, Jane doesn't want them to use it.  

After Michael and his partner lose the Serbian, they are nervous about what that means for Sin Rostro. Michael believes that maybe Rafael is Sin Rostro. At the hotel, Michael recruits his brother, Billy, for help on how to accuse Rafael. 

At the sonogram, Jane is very nervous. Jane begins to ask Rafael about his religious beliefs, which he has none. Jane and Rafael start debating on how to raise their child. But, when they learn everything is OK with the baby, they forget it. However, Petra arrives and believes she has claim on the baby because of a deal she made with Rafael after a miscarriage. 

Xo is very nervous about meeting with a record producer. Rogelio wants to be with Xo and vice versa. Xo keeps seeing her idol Paulina Rubio everywhere giving her confidence for the meeting. But after the meeting, Xo comes home with bad news, the producer wanted her younger. Xo wants to give up her singing. 

Petra starts a custody case against Rafael--on TV. Jane runs into Michael at the hotel and is very sad about custody issue. Michael decides he wants to help find accuse Petra. Michael's plan is to have Jane will wear a wire to catch Petra to accept the offer. Rafael doesn't want to trust Michael. 

Billy steals Rafael's wallet and finds a key to a safe. At night, Michael snoops around Rafael's office with Billy. In the safe, they find passports and burner phones. 

Jane finds out that Xo read her story and is not happy. Jane reveals her feelings about her growing up with her mother. Xo had a serious relationship and after they broke up she started to have casual relationships. Jane gives her blessing for a serious relationship. Xo signs the consent form for Jane's story to be published. 

Ivan continues to find ideas to help him escape and uses Rogelio's show for a plan. When Ivan is close to the final step, Petra turns the TV off and Ivan misses it. 

In a flashback to Petra's past, an old boyfriend, Milos, tried to attack Petra, but it accidentally got her mother, which caused the scarring on her face and then she was run over by a car that caused her to be wheel-chair bound. 

Jane and Petra meet, while Rafael and Michael are in another room. Michael wants to ask Rafael questions. Petra wants the baby and Jane won't believe her. Petra tells her story of losing her father in Germany. Rafael leaves before Jane returns and Michael begins to question Jane about Rafael. In his room, Rafael does research on Petra's story. Since the story does not add up, they have evidence against to use against her. 

At an award shop prep, Rogelio is excited about a nomination and begins competing when an opposer arrives.Rogelio invites the Villanueva women to the award show with him. At the Paloma awards, Rogelio waits for the award show to begin, but, unfortunately, Rogelio loses his award to his enemy. 

Rafael wants to learn as much information about Petra as he can. Rafael finds information on Petra. A private investigator discovers that Petra is not Petra and if Rafael stops digging, Petra must divorce and stay away from baby. She agrees. Ivan is the one that helped change her identity.  

Xo meets the real Paulina Rubio. They begin to talk about her singing path and Paulina tells Xo to stick to it. When Xo tells everyone about the meeting, Rogelio leaves to thank Paulina for meeting Xo, since he had planned it. Jane questions Xo about her relationship with Rogelio and Jane tells Xo to go for it. 

Rafael believes they are better together, even though they are different. 

Michael gets the warrant for Rafael's safe. The safe is now empty. Michael searches the Serbian's room again and knows something is wrong. As Michael and his partner make out in the room, they find a secret room under the tub. 

Alba goes to confront Petra at her room and meets Petra's mother and also sees Ivan captured. As Alba walks away, Petra's mother finds her, stands up, and pushes her down the stairs.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Jane: "Back on? What are you like 14 years old?"
Rafael: "Will you just indulge my 14 year old self, please?"

"But, wow. She puts the loose in Lucy. You might has well said she puts the Xo in hoe."