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Jane wants Xo and Rafael to get along even though she doesn't approve. When she tells Rafael about the dinner, she reminds him that she needs him to prep for the dinner with Xo. 

Rose still believes that Emilio, her husband, is Sin Rostro. Rafael, however, wants to do some investigating on his own while his father is out of town. Because Michael still believes Rafael is Sin Rostro, he wants to have wants Rafael to be tailed.

Petra wants to get out of town away from Ivan and Milos before she gets in more trouble.

The principal offers Jane a full time position since she was highly rated amongst her students. Rogelio offers Jane a writing internship on his show. She decides to try both writing and teaching for a while. Jane meets the writers of "The Passions of Santos" and is able to help with a storyline for the show. 

Xo tries to stay away from Rogelio because of her promise. 

At dinner, Rafael keeps up with everything that Jane told him about her family. When Jane is so tired because her many jobs, Xo and Rafael agree Jane should pursue her dream of writing. Rafael accidentally says that he will pay for her and baby, which Xo takes offense to. Xo doesn't want to give Rafael a chance because she knows Michael still loves her. Xo visits Rafael to apologize, but continues to say that he is not right for Jane. 

Petra tells Lachlan about Ivan blackmailing her and Milos. Lachlan wants to go with Petra when she leaves the hotel. Petra sees Milos calling card, yellow tulips, and tells Lachlan. 

Rogelio asks Jane to write a scene for him to help determine if she is good at it. 

Xo can't tell Rogelio about her chastity vow. She almost breaks the vow, but it stopped by her mother's voice.  

Rogelio doesn't like Jane's scene. On her way home, Jane gets in a fender bender and Xo and Rafael finally agree with each other that Jane is taking on too much. She feels the baby kick for the first time. 

Rafael finds someone who redid construction at the hotel and when he confronts the man, Rafael is forced to leave. Michael tails Rafael and gets the wrong impression the meeting. After Rafael leaves, the man calls someone and Michael tries to get the number, but is caught and is beaten up.  

Jane gets a call about Michael's accident and visits him. Even though Michael tells Jane he will wait, Jane persists that she and Rafael are going to make it. Michael's partner sees his reaction to Jane visiting and calls their boss to inform him that he disobeyed orders.

Xo finds out that her mother knew about her exact promise of chastity.

Jane decides to take the teaching job, the writers tell Jane her scene was good. With that confidence, Jane keeps the internship, but it is discovered that Rogelio's assistant is having an affair with the head writer of the show.  

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Principal: Are you crying, Ms. Villanueva?
Jane: Yes. But to be fair, it's been building up for a while.

Xiomara, what is it? Why are you so afraid to have your pelvis touch mine?