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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 finds Jane still reeling from the discovery that Rogelio is her father and her mother has been lying to her for 23 years. Unfortunately for Jane, this isn't the only revelation she'll have to deal with in this latest installment.

Jane quickly moves into Michael's house as she tries to find a way to forgive her mother. To ignore the problems with Xiomara, Jane decides to get to know Rogelio. When Rogelio's grand gestures at their first meeting (think spotlights and Mayan ruin backdrops) backfire, Jane, encouraged by Michael, invites Rogelio over for a simple dinner. Things are going much better the second time around, until Rogelio tries to mend fences for Jane and Xiomara. Jane explodes and all but gives up on having any kind of relationship with her father. 

After a pep talk from Michael and a very creepy apology gift from Rogelio, Jane agrees to start with a clean slate. 

Elsewhere, Rafael and Petra continue to struggle in their marriage and encouraged by her mother, Magda, Petra attempts to lure Rafael back under her spell. Rafael isn't so easily swayed, so Magda, quite literally, takes matters into her own hands. 

Meanwhile, Michael's brother is back in town and some of Michael's secrets - both past and present - come to light. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

A mistake? A mistake is losing your keys. You kept my father from me.


Michael: Let's have him over for dinner, something casual, low key.
Jane: That sounds perfect.
Michael: No. Perfect is tacos, beer, ESPN, and you wearing nothing but my Ronaldo jersey.
Jane: Yeah, I think that'll be a little weird for my dad.