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On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4, Jane grapples with her growing feelings for Rafael and the distance the pregnancy is putting between her and Michael. After Michael learns that Jane has had an intense sex dream starring Rafael and not him, he's crushed. He tells Jane that he can't marry her if she has feelings for another woman.

Jane attempts to fix the situation by writing a sexy letter for Michael, to keep their spark alive. Unfortunately, Jane mixes up the letter with an article she was writing as a favor for Rafael. Michael gets the article and Rafael, you guessed it - gets the steamy letter. When Rafael confronts Jane about the letter, he tells her he only thinks of her as a sister. Problem solved, Jane's feelings for Rafael disappear.

Michael finally tells Jane how scared he was that she would want to keep the baby, but now, after almost losing her, he realizes a life without Jane is the really scary thing and they decide to confront their issues head on, together. 

Meanwhile, Rogelio pushes Xo to allow him to be a part of his daughter's wedding. Xo admits to Alba that she's hesitant to tell Jane that Ro is her father because she's scared Jane will never forgive her for keeping this secret. When Rogelio appears at Jane's dress fitting, there's nothing left to do but tell Jane who he is. Jane is completely blind-sided and feels completely betrayed. Xo's worst fears have come to fruition. 

Back at the hotel, we're introduced to Rafael's nemesis and Petra's ex-fiance, Lachlan, who gets played by Rafael and Petra on a big business deal. Rafael finally tells Petra he knows she was sleeping with Zaz, but what he doesn't know is that Petra has bigger secrets than who she was sleeping with: she's in trouble with a shady Czech, who refers to her as Natalia.

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jane: Mom, I had a dream.
Xiomara: Like the Martin Luther King kind of thing?
Jane: No, like the sex dream kind of thing.

Michael: So, that's all the matters, right? This super religious carnival with power ballads, who cares? At the end of the day, it's just you and me, right?
Jane: And a food truck.
Michael: Hey, I can live without the food truck, but I cannot live without you.