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After Jane and Rafael's first kiss 5 years before, Jane gives the details to her mother who does not trust him thanks to his playboy reputation. Jane discovers the truth days later.

In the present, Xo interrupts Jane and Rafael's romantic kiss. Xo makes it clear that she doesn't want Jane to move too fast with Rafael. But, Jane tells her she is starting to have feelings for him.

The next day, Rafael surprises Jane at her house. Even though she is excited, Jane realizes they are moving too fast. When Rafael leaves, Jane tells Xo about meeting Rogelio for lunch, but Xo decides not to join so she doesn't complicate the new father/daughter relationship. 

At Jane's school, she meets a couple who thinks she had an Immaculate Conception. When another couple meets Jane at school, she finds out the school is distributing coins with her face to help bring people to the Church.

Since Xo and Rogelio are no longer a couple, they use Jane to get information about the other. When Rogelio and Xo run into each other, they are forced to plan a double date after they convince each other they're fine. On the double date, things are very awkward. But, they find out Xo's date was a famous European soccer player, and Rogelio becomes jealous. 

Jane and Michael meet to return something. Michael tries to apologize, but Jane just tells him it's over. Michael thinks it has to do with Rafael. Later, Michael finds flowers from Rafael and he is not happy. Jane confronts Rafael and wants him to slow things down.

With Ivan knocked out, Petra and her mother decide to hold him hostage. Petra goes to Lachlan for help with the money, but he refuses. When Petra frees Ivan to feed him, his deathly peanut allergy almost kills him. Luckily, Petra saves him, but only to gain Ivan's trust. Petra seduces to get Lachlan to help with the money in exchange for information to ruin Rafael.

Michael continues to wallow in his break up with Jane at work. His partner begins to take notice amid Michael's break in the Sin Rostro case. Michael sees a picture of Jane and Rafael. Michael and his partner have sex with all of the tension.

For Jane's friend's birthday, Jane is forced to ask Rafael for a favor to go to a club. Since Rafael will also be at the club, he thinks it's a date, but Jane tries to convince him that it is not. When they arrive at the club, Jane sees Rafael get kissed and he tries to explain himself, but Jane is not happy. 

Rafael tries to convince Jane that they belong together, and slowly all the things that were in the way disappear. They leave the club together so they can get to know each other more. They fall asleep in each other's arms.

When Jane never comes home, Xo freaks out and calls Michael, which leads her to Rafael. ​After Jane wakes up, she rushes to school in her club outfit and the principal is not happy. They bargain so Jane can keep her job in exchange for meeting with other couples. After Rogelio confronts Rafael in the hotel about Jane, she confronts him about his involvement with Rafael. However, Xo gets mad at Jane for Rafael's influence over her, which Jane defends.

As Jane waits for Rafael on a date, he is interrupted when his father fires him thanks to Petra and Lachlan's information. Instead of the date, Rafael is sent to Mexico City.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane: Do you, by any chance, know my father?
Nora: Of course. [looks up to God] Everyone knows him

Please, take it away. I'll be happy to drink normal people wine.