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While out shopping for baby supplies, Jane asks a mother for tips and begins to get concerned with everything she needs to know. 

Petra and Rafael are trying to plan a party at the Marbella. Rafael is more excited than Petra because of money issues. 

Still mad at Xo, Alba continues to shut her out and Jane wants to fix their relationship. At their new house, Rogelio and Xo are enjoying living together. Michael visits after his ride-along with Rogelio and the two have begun a friendship. Rafael and Jane awkwardly show up as Michael leaves. Jane goes to a class with Xo. On the way, Xo realizes that she and Rogelio have not said 'I love you' yet and begins to over-analyze it.

With all of the new baby information, Jane gets nervous and continues to ask everyone questions for advice on parenting. She unfortunately goes to look on the internet and gets even more nervous. 

Jane has to talk to Rogelio about his close relationship with Michael and he gets upset about slowing down their friendship.

Rogelio invites Michael to the party at the Marbella to meet new women. Rogelio casually mentions that Rafael is uncomfortable with Michael and decides to join Rogelio. While out with Andie, Jane's friend from her writing class, Jane offers to help babysit with her without knowing that Michael is her ex.

Rafael and Petra are having issues with the party, but they continue to plan it anyway. Before the party, Xo hints at love to Rogelio and start they to fight about not sharing their true feelings.

Jane tells Rafael about everything and how she is overwhelmed. Rafael gets distracted with work which frustrates Jane. At the Marbella, Michael shows up for the party which frustrates Rafael. Rogelio asks Michael to help with his fight with Xo.

At Jane's house babysitting, she unknowingly helps Andie send a text to Michael as the baby wakes up. Jane tries to calm her down, but is unsuccessful. When Xo arrives and tries to help, Jane gets mad and sends her away. Eventually Jane calms the baby down and finally gets the hang on babysitting.

At the party, Michael realizes why Xo is mad at Rogelio and remembers the first time him and Jane said 'I love you.' Michael begins to ask questions more questions about Jane and Rafael. Rogelio decides it is best to lie help Michael move on from Jane. Aaron confronts Petra about her feelings for Rafael. Before she agrees, the police arrive to the stop the party and Rafael discovers there are more problems.

When Andie leaves Jane's, Michael calls to move on and we learn that Andie knows that Jane is Michael's ex, but is not telling her.

The Marbella lose their liquor license because of Petra's feelings. She goes to Aaron, but stops herself. Rafael takes his anger on the Marbella issues on Jane. They begin to fight and Jane leaves.

The next morning, Rafael calls Jane to talk. Rafael apologizes to Jane for his anger. His solution is to hire a nanny, but Jane wants Rafael to pitch in. Jane begins to feel love isn't enough for them to make it.

Rogelio confronts Xo about her feelings and they finally tell each other, but Rogelio doesn't feel that way yet. He wants Xo and his mother to mend fences so he can feel true. Xo goes home and her and Alba finally talk. When Jane gets home, she confronts her fears about raising the baby and Xo and Alba promise their support. 

Petra talks to Aaron and then tells Rafael that she believes Aaron is actually Roman Zazo, who is dead.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Rogelio: You are amazing.
Xo: No you are.
Rogelio: I know.

Between you and me, I would like to declare myself #TeamMichael. But, first and foremost, I must remain #TeamJane. That means I must encourage you to #Moveon.