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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6 shows the first meeting of Jane and Michael. They meet at Jane's crazy 21st birthday party where Michael shows up to quiet down the party and is mistaken for a stripper. The two have their 1st significant encounter and the rest is history. 

In the present, Jane plans for her student teaching, however, a mistake is made and is stuck teaching high schoolers at a Catholic high school.

To become better acquainted with Rogelio, Jane plans a dinner with her family and Rogelio's ex-wife and step-daughters. The twins do not take a liking to her. On Jane's first day, she finds out the twins are students and they reveal her pregnancy secret to the school. When Jane goes to school the next day, the twins make another scene which causes Jane to be fired.

After Petra claims Rafael hit her, Michael helps arrest him. When Rafael is let out of jail, he runs into Jane and they confide in each other about their problems. Eventually, Jane has Rafael help her with the twins and steals their phones. When the plan is finished Rafael finds the perfect moment to tell Jane he has feelings for her and that they are meant to be. 

When Jane confronts Rogelio's step-daughters, she feels guilty because they are envious of her parents, so Jane forgives them and gets her job back.

Xo gets the chance to sing at the hotel with Rogelio's band, but butts heads with his ex-wife who arranges it. After all the fighting, Xo realizes that she wants Jane to have a good relationship with Rogelio, so she breaks things off with him.

Michael wants Jane's forgiveness, but she keeps of Michael's lie cannot trust him. Michael, meanwhile, tries his hardest to get Jane to forgive him. But, when Jane finally meets with him she breaks up with him. Later, when Rafael sees how upset she is, Jane tells him that she and Michael broke up and they share a special kiss.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jane: Look's like I'll be teaching at a Catholic high school.
Xiomara: Maybe don't tell them you're a pregnant virgin.
Jane: The nuns or the high schoolers?
Abuela: Both.

To my former stepdaughters, you will always be step-daughters in my hearts.