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Jane has always loved salsa dancing.

Rafael is still upset about Jane turning down the proposal and Jane knows it.Rafael denies any issues with the proposal.

Rogelio and Xo are house hunting for a place to live together. Alba is okay with Xo moving in with Rogelio, to her surprise.Jane is sadder about the move. 

Jane wants to let go of Rafael's distance and decides to focus on her writing, but is suffering from writer's block because she is focused on Rafael.

Petra and Rafael seem to be working well together at the Marbella. Rafael is curious why Petra is following Rogelio on Twitter when she tries to get a friend of Rogelio's to play at the Marbella.

Jane runs into Michael at the Marbella where he gives her help with writer's block. Rogelio joins and wants to follow him around to get better at his job as a space cop. Michael meets with Aaron Zazo about Roman's killer and the flash drive he found.

At the workshop, Jane gets advice from a author she likes. Someone will change her life. Jane accidentally writes not nice things about a fellow writer's work and tries to stop her from reading it.

After the class, Jane tries to get a second chance for the writing class and writes an apology note.

Rafael meets with Rogelio about his music friend. Rogelio gets mad at Rafael for not asking his permission first. Rafael continues to get frustrated with his failed proposal when everyone continues to bring it up. Jane puts her thoughts into her writing and the good of her relationship with Rafael.

When Alba sees Xo packing, she gets mad about her moving in with Rogelio and disapproves with the choice. Jane tries to calm everyone, but fails when Alba and Xo storm off. Jane tries to fix things with everyone in her life to make things better.

Jane discovers that the criticisms of the author were actually of her and her husband, which is why she got upset.Jane invites her and her husband to stay at the hotel. Jane's instructor tells her that her writer's block may be deeper than she thinks.

Rafael and Petra greet the musician at the hotel and are instructed to watch over his dog for the day and disagree on who should do it. Petra and Rafael can't get a handle on the dog.

Michael can't get Rogelio off his back on the job. Jane tries to surprise Rafael with dinner, but is greeted by Petra and the dog.

On a stakeout, Michael gets frustrated with Rogelio as they follow a lead to Roman's death.

Rogelio and Michael begin to bond over his impressions. Michael then asks about Jane and he is surprised to learn about the proposal and that she said no. Michael's lead exits and they have to follow. Michael follows the lead and Rogelio stays behind. Jane goes back to her favorite salsa place to meet Xo and Alba. While there she runs into a classmate from her class.

Jane is upset about Rafael's distance and confronts him about her proposal answer. 

When MIchael almost loses the lead, Rogelio helps by distracting him with his fans. Rogelio is proud that he caught the bad guy.

Rafael asks Petra about their proposal, but they realize the dog got out and must chase it around the Marbella and they lose it.

Jane hopes Rafael will show up for the concert and imagines him there and they share a dance. Unfortunately, it is not real.

Petra finds the dog and learn the dog was not the singer's. 

Michael's ex-girlfriend turns out to be Jane's workshop classmate.

Xo moves out of the house, upsetting Alba.

Rafael meets Jane at the hotel. Rafael realizes that he did propose too soon. Rafael begins talking about his mom and wanting to find her. Jane tries to convince Rafael to look for her. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

When my nemisis cares about the little things, so must I.


Interesting, Aaron's coming clean. Misread that situation.