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Xo is worried she may miss the baby's birth because of her Vegas show. Jane says she is happy that she and Rafael broke up, but Rafael is still in love with her. Rafael figures out that he can buy out Petra in the hotel. Rafael hits on Petra to convince her to buy out shares.

Michael and Jane are supposed to have dinner. but Jane cancels. Rogelio is happy at the prospect of Jane and Michael. Michael still has dinner with Jane at her house and helps her with her grad school applications. Jane starts to feel contractions, but they are false. 

Rafael is not happy that Michael is always around Jane and she decides leave both at the hospital. Petra visits her mother in prison to tell her good news about date with Rafael. Her mom doesn't believe him. Rafael goes to Jane to tell her he still loves her. Jane gets angry at him. 

Michael also stops by Jane's to apologize. Even though they both feel something, Michael doesn't want to be the safe choice.

Nadine appears at Michael's apartment to make a deal. She has information about Sin Rostro for her family to be safe. She knows where the plastic surgeon is and how Rose's face was changed. 

At Jane's interview, she starts to feel more contractions. She is definitely is labor, but going to wait at home. Rafael has to cancel on Petra, to her disappointment. Jane heads to the hospital. 

Jane gets closer to birth with Xo and Rogelio in Vegas. Xo decides to leave Vegas to be with Jane and miss the show. Rogelio is not happy that he was not included in Xo's decision to go back. Jane and Rafael decide on a name for a girl, but debate on the last name. Rafael finally tells her that he sold the company. Xo photoshops Rogelio into a picture from Jane's birth. Before they get ready for their flight, Rogelio meets fans. 

The next morning in Vegas, Rogelio and Xo are hungover and need to get home. Jane is closer to give birth. Michael finds the plastic surgeon, but he is dead. Nadine still wants help from Michael, but not sure if he can. Rogelio and Xo still haven't arrived. Rafael has Michael pick them up at the airport. When he leaves, Nadine is able to escape. Xo finally gets to the hospital before she gives birth. Jane has a boy. His name is Mateo Gloriana Rogelio Solano Villanueva.

At the hotel, the hospital keeps calling for Rafael and Petra answers. Before she can tell him why and hears that Rafael doesn't want him in his life. Michael planned for Nadine to escape and tracked her phone. Petra finds out that Rafael has more sperm and takes it. Xo and Rogelio find out that they got married while drunk in Vegas. When a nurse comes to take Mateo for a newborn test, she takes him out of the hospital and gives him to Sin Rostro.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Is this as fast as you can go? Didn't you ever see Speed?


Jane: You didn't get an epidural.
Alba: Why do you think your mother is an only child?