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Jane and Michael's wedding day finally arrives after a less than perfect rehearsal, but Jane needs to make one stop before she heads to the church. Jane makes a new thesis proposal and gets it approved. Jane and Michael get married without a hitch. At the reception, Rogelio and Jane share an awesome father-daughter dance. Jane and Michael head out back to the hotel. While Jane slips into some lingerie, Michael goes to get some ice and runs into Susanna. Michael makes a comment Susanna should recognize and Michael realizes she's the mole. Susanna shoots Michael in the chest and goes back to the room she was sharing with Luisa, who made her return from rehab. Susanna pulls off a mask and reveals she's actually been Rose this entire time. Rose tells Luisa to run away with her.

Rafael considers telling Jane how he really feels but when the time comes just as she's about to walk into the church, Rafael decides to keep quiet. He sees how happy Jane is and doesn't want to ruin that. Rafael and Petra later go to the hospital because Anezka has had an accident. She is conscious and can move her eyes, but she can't speak. It turns out it's actually Petra in the hospital bed. Anezka used some sort of drug on her and dyed her hair brown. Back at the hotel, Anezka, pretending to be Petra, sleeps with Rafael.

Rogelio finds out Xo slept with Esteban. He's furious, but Jane tells him that Xo was just hurt that he moved on so quickly with Dina. At the reception, Xo and Rogelio admit they both want to be with each other, but they still have different viewpoints on having kids. Later on, Xo looks at a pregnancy test. She's pregnant!

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Why do you have a sex basket from my mortal enemy?


Michael: No seriously, I can't wait.
Jane: For all the sex? Yeah I get that.
Michael: To marry you.