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Jane and Michael reconnect and they want to get back together. When Jane tells Rafael the news, he doesn't take it well. Rafael refuses to accept Michael. Jane finally confronts Rafael that the issue isn't Michael or his job, but that Jane is choosing him over Rafael. Rafael worries about being replaced as Mateo's father. Jane reassures him that he won't. 

Petra's due date is fast approaching, but she throws herself into repairing the hotel's reputation. She tells Rafael that she needs to know if her and her children will come second to Jane. After Jane's rejection, Rafael tries to kiss Petra, but she refuses to be his second choice.

Xo and Rogelio have a hard time figuring out how to be around each other after their breakup. They end up sleeping together, but Jane tells Xo that Rogelio is still holding out hope she'll want to have kids. Xo officially ends things by telling Rogelio they need space away from one another. Jane also hurts Rogelio's feelings when she tends to her mother's heartbreak and doesn't tend to his.

Rogelio also hired a new assistant whom he thought worked for J Lo. Turns out she's his pen pal from prison from ten years earlier. She installs new locks, window bars, and a security system locking her and Rogelio inside his home.

Luisa starts drinking again and almost gets Lina fired because of it. Susanna urges Luisa to go back to rehab. 


Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Xo: We decided to be mature about this.
Rogelio: Exactly, like my good friends Gweny and Chris, who have chosen to consciously uncouple.
Xo: But we're not calling it that.
Rogelio: Oh yes, we definitely are.

Rafael: Fine, let's all have lunch!
Jane: Great, I look forward to it!
Narrator: Spoiler alert, I don't believe them.