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Jane seriously considers having sex with Jonathan because she won't get attached, and she just wants to finally get sex over with. Things get a little hot and heavy at Jonathan's apartment when Jane blurts out that she's a virgin and made a promise to her grandmother, thus killing the mood. Things get back on track for the two of them during some sexting. When Jane rushes over to his place to have sex, she begins to cry. Jonathan puts an end to it. Back at home, Jane is stunned to learn Alba had had sex before marrying Jane's grandfather. Alba says she won't judge Jane for losing her virginity before marriage, but her crying means Jonathan wasn't the guy for her. Michael shows up on Jane's doorstep to tell her Rose can never hurt her or Mateo again. He asks Jane if she still loves him, and she says yes.

Michael and Susanna manage to lure Rose to the hospital, with Luisa's help. Just when it looks like Rose is going to escape, someone strangles Rose with blue ties. Susanna is shot, but looks like she will be okay. 

Rafael urges Jane to help Petra pick out baby necessities, but the two women clash. Jane throws Petra a baby shower, and the two have an open conversation about the things they dislike about each other. This ends up being just what they needed to make peace. Petra tells Jane about her kiss with Rafael, and Jane promises she doesn't want to be with him. When Petra asks if Rafael knows that, Jane officially shuts the door on their relationship despite his pleas.

Xo and Rogelio want to be married, but Rogelio still wants to have children. Xo considers freezing her eggs, but she knows she won't change her mind. She gives him back the engagement ring. 

Xo gets a look at Rogelio's secret scientology tapes. His initial secret isn't bad, but apparently he had a pen pal in jail that knows all of his secrets and his about to be released from prison.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Jane: Waiting just doesn't seem to make sense anymore. I mean, I'm a virgin mom. That's just weird.
Narrator: Totally weird.

Jane: So, it's probably time that I told you.
Michael: What?
Jane: I'm a virgin.
Michael: Oh.
Narrator: Wait for it.
Jane: And I'm saving myself until marriage.
Michael: Well, I guess we'll have to wait 'till we're married then.