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Jane is forced back into the dating pool, when Lina makes her an online profile. Jane's first date is promising, but the guy quickly bails on her. The second guy Jane dates works at the computer store. Jane brought her computer in after Mateo accidently got orange juice all over it. That guy turns out to be a slime when he reveals he has a girlfriend after he kisses Jane. Jane ends up having a dream about her professor.

Rafael wakes up after being injected with a serum by his mother. Michael is there and they both agree Rafael's mom is Mutter. Rafael ends up having to take care of Petra, who's ordered by her doctor to stay in bed. They bond over picking out baby names.

Michael realizes Mutter was after the chip that Nadine, apparently, never gave to Rose. Turns out, Nadine placed the clip inside a cut in Michael's leg the day she was killed.

Rogelio hires his mom as his manager in order to make her happy, but she becomes overbearing to the point that he fires her. Xo tries to cover for him, but his mother knows the truth. Rogelio reconnects with his father and learns why he stayed away from his acting career. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

When was the last time you got any action? Virgin action, even?


Rogelio: Is that a new "or else" look.
Adriana: Yes.
Rogelio: Wow.
Adriana: I have recently added it to my repertoire. Is it threatening?
Rogelio: Extremely.
Adriana: Good.