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Jane's family urges her to take a shower and get out of the house. Michael and Rafael jump at the chance to go to lunch with Jane. While escaping from the guys, Jane hallucinates herself a Bachelorette version of herself wanting to know who she's going to choose. Jane's anxiety is also consumed by what happened to Mateo and she envisions Rose everywhere. Jane goes over to her neighbors' house because they keep playing loud music during the night. They don't seem to care that Jane has a baby. Michael stops by to install a security system in Jane's house. Jane remembers when she told Michael about Alba being undocumented. She asks Michael if he'd be ready to be a father now, and he says he is now that Mateo is there. Jane spends a night at Rafael's place with just him and Mateo. While driving in the car, Jane and Rafael connect more and Rafael says all he wants his her and the baby. Jane freaks out when she sees the cops at her house. They are there because her neighbors called them after figuring out Jane stole their amp. Jane finds Alba crying because she was scared she would be found out by the cops and taken away. Later on, the alarm goes off when Rafael comes over leading Michael to show up. Before their confrontation can get any bigger, Jane tells them she loves both of them. Alba decides to apply for her green card. Jane tells Michael about the time Rose asked a lot of questions about her relationship with Michael. This leads them to a wine bottle that might lead to finding Rose. Michael is convinced Jane will realize they're meant to be.

Rogelio and Xo are forced to perform on a cruise ship unless they want to be sued. While having a meeting on the ship, Rogeilo and Xo get stuck as they don't get off in time. After performing, Rafael and Xo sleep together. Rogelio doesn't want to get an annulment. Xo wants to take things slow with Rogelio and do things right. 

Petra is being blackmailed by Scott. He wants to be promoted and if he isn't, he'll tell Rafael about Petra stealing his sperm. Luisa shadows Rafael and Petra around because she wants to learn the family business. Luisa notices Petra's odd behavior and tells Rafael she thinks she's pregnant. After hearing Petra talk about all of Scott's qualities, Rafael thinks he is the father of Petra's baby. Lachlan fakes a geological report to screw over Petra and Rafael, and Luisa figures this out. However, when she goes to tell them, she is kidnapped by a mysterious man. Lachlan reveals his plan to Petra. Rafael gets a call from the fertility clinic. They tell him Petra took the last sample a few weeks earlier. Rafael panics as he figures out he's the father. Meanwhile, Petra takes a pregnancy test, and it's positive. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Jane: Are you ready? Because you weren't when I was pregnant.
Michael: Come on, it was pretty shocking. We were engaged. It wasn't mine.
Jane: I know.
Michael: But it's not some theoretical baby anymore. It's Mateo. So yeah, I'm in.

Xo: Maybe just do something simple. Go to lunch. Have one of your boyfriends take you.
Jane: Okay, stop with that.
Xo: I can't. It's like an episode of The Bachelorette out there.